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OUR Services

Looking for a reliable WIZZ TAXI Company?

Taxi Service

We pick you up at your accommodation, at your home,  at any event or anywhere else you specify, and take you to your destination with a comfortable and safe vehicle by WIZZ TAXI.

We drive in and from the city and region* Arnhem but also transport you to any other airports.

* Driel, Elst, Huissen, Westervoort, Velp, Rozendaal, Oosterbeek, Wolfheze, and Doorwerth.

Airport Transfer

WIZZ TAXI  provides Airport transfers to:  

  • Schiphol

  • Eindhoven

  • Rotterdam

  • Weeze-Dusseldorf

  • Frankfurt 

  • Brussels 

Business Service

Need a driver or a business trip? WIZZ TAXI brings you to your destination in a pleasant and representative way.

That is why you choose  WIZZ TAXI

Low rates

Service & Comfort

Arnhem- Airport Transfers

Transparent rates on the meter. No surprises.

Within 10 minutes with you and we help you with luggage.

Our taxis meet all comfort requirements for our guest.

A taxi to any  Airports expensive?

Not with  WIZZ TAXI!

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